The Passage – post-apocalyptic vampire fiction!

This post-apocalytpic, vampire, thriller really moves along at a cracking pace. I picked it up in a bookstore and started reading right away. 20 pages later, when my husband found me sitting in an armchair, engrossed, I had to buy it.
Amy’s circumstances could not have been bleaker, unwed mother in middle America, forced to turn tricks to support her young daughter. Amy’s life is about to get much worse, for a very long time! The narrative shifts to Wolgast, who becomes fascinated by Amy, although he is an emotional cripple working for the FBI. Then to a settlement 100 years later in California and the struggle of the people to survive in isolation, a terrible threat from outside their walls.
The suspense is ratcheted up, and yet, there is still time for character development as we begin to see how Peter, Sara, Michael and the others cope with the challenges they face. This novel keeps the right balance between good writing and good ideas and at more than 600 pages this is a very good thing. I found it difficult to put down and now can’t wait for the rest of the series.
The vampires are definitely not of the Twihard variety – all romantic and sparkly, nor are they terribly sexy (sorry True Blood people) they are actually a little sad. This does not detract from the story. We see them as a terrible threat, but also as lost people too. And we get the blame the American military might for the apocalypse in America.

Fans of Stephen King will certainly find much to like here.