ffun with fforde- ffirst among sequels

Fforde ffans will not be at all disappointed. This is (to borrow welloflostplots’ phrase) Fforde at his best. We see Thursday as a married woman with a hypertypical teenage son (ok that’s not really a word – but so what). Friday grunts, refuses to wash , sleeps as if it were an Olympic sport and he were in training and refuses to take his proper place in society and get a job. The problem is, his job is to be the head of the chronoguard, and if he doesn’t take it up, then he could be replaced with an alternate him from a parallel universe. If you’re confused at this stage read the first four books and it will make a whole lot more sense. I absolutely love Fforde’s linguistic tricksiness and his sense of the absurd and his ability to create a perfectly coherent world out of something so completely unbelievable and insane. Thursday manages to have the most wonderful adventures with the characters in the Literatec world and I always find myself wishing I could join her, except maybe for the danger. She’s just on this side of believable but thoroughly entertaining. This whole series is brilliant, unlike the Nursery Crime series, which were not as good. Well, luckily for me, I’ve managed to read some fantastic books in the last few months.