Still ducking and weaving

Now two thirds of the way through Weaveworld and so glad that I decided to re-read it. Susannah, Mimi’s daughter, and keeper of the carpet in which the Fugue is woven, is still on the run from Shadwell, Immacolata and now Hobart, the rabid policeman. She has reconnected with Cal after Jerichau has been taken and is trying to find a place to hide the carpet, not an easy thing to carry with you when you are on the run.

The tension has been constant and the imagination behind the rendering of the world is simply awe inspiring. Little wonder that Clive Barker is seen as the master of this (sub) genre.

Highly recommended for lovers of speculative fiction, fantasy and even horror.


Voice of the Shuttle

I am re-reading Weaveworld by Clive Barker. This book is a piece of genius and I absolutely loved it when I first read it in the *cough* late eighties. I have decided to re-read it after seeing it on a shelf at Borders and having a moment of nostalgia. It wil be interesting to see if it lives up to my expectations.
Last night I read the first three chapters and things look promising. Immacolata is every bit the evil protagonist I remember and her sisters still have the ability to make the reader shudder. Shadwell is scarily familiar to anyone who lives in the modern world and so makes a plausible adjunct to the evil team.
Cal has just been taken by these characters and we are waiting to find out how he will get out of this situation. I always like to stop reading at a moment like this so that I prolong the suspense. Next time, let’s see what happens.