Shakespeare – Bill Bryson

Ok, another book about Shakespeare, what could I possibly want that for? Well, firstly, because it is another book about Shakespeare, and let’s face it, we can’t have enough of them. Secondly, because it’s written by Bill Bryson who just knows how to tell a story in an amusing and eclectic way that keeps his readers with him. One more thing is that although there are lots of books about Shakespeare, from lots of different perspectives, lots of them are not made for a general readership. They’re often written for academics or literature students or conspiracy theorists or something of that nature. Bryson knows his reader pool and we dive in. He gives us nothing new here. He goes through the whole background and touches on the authorship debate and then discusses the plays. He openly acknowledges that it is impossible to really ‘know’ anything for a fact about Shakespeare, but he is a believer and he writes about his love for Shakespeare’s writing. This is well worth the money. Buy it and curl up, then pick up another play or some sonnets and immerse yourself in the bard.