American Gods

This is really interesting reading. I love the idea that people bring their gods with them to America and when they stop believing the gods are just stuck there or fade away, bit like Tinkerbell, but much more sinister. Gaiman’s characters are fabulous illustrations of America’s hidden people. They’re fascinating and believable. I haven’t yet finished this one, but I am loving it so far. It is way better than Stardust and on par with Neverwhere, which I really enjoyed.
Shadow is seconded by Wednesday, who is really Odin of course, to assist him in the war against the new American gods who are trying to supplant the old ones brought by the immigrants across the millennia. The new gods are suitably modern, clinical, clever and brought into being by technology. This could be read as a diatribe against the modern world, but I don’t think that Gaiman is that simplistic. The old gods are also flawed characters but our sympathies lie with them, much as they do with the middle American people that we are introduced to. A cast of hundreds will keep any reader interested. I look forward to seeing what happens with the showdown.
I will try to remember to post when I’ve finished this one.