LibraryThing and updating the library

News Feed | LibraryThing.

I love using Library Thing as a way to catalogue my books and connect with other readers. I use Goodreads as well but Library Thing, I feel, has more features. I like the way that Library Thing lets me view my books in multiple ways and connect to other readers with similar books. They also send out free books to those willing to review them, although a lot of these are US only. I am a  bit sporadic about organising my books though and the library has grown somewhat over Christmas, therefore, it was time to do some organising. Some of my favourite new books were ones that I ordered after seeing them in Waterstones on my last visit home. They had really nice displays and as a traveller, not a regular, I appreciated the organisation of their stores, plus the fact that they had coffee in many shops! A spot to grab a book and rest weary feet was appreciated.

But back to Library Thing, the main reason that I stick with it is that it has been around for a long time and half my library is already there. To move to another cataloguing site at this point would be painful. I joined in 2006 and have catalogued 751 books. I find that I add a few at a time, have a look at what others are reading, check in with the groups and read the news and then revisit in a few months. The only thing that could improve the site for me would be an iPad app. This would be amazing as I could then update more regularly. I tend to use my iPad more than any other device for convenience’s sake.  The quicker sites like this make the job of organising books, the more time we have for reading.


via News Feed | LibraryThing.


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