Guardian’s 50 best first lines


We are often told how important it is to make a good first impression. Books model this for us beautifully. I often pick up books and if I don’t get that voice first off I often do not want to read on. Those first lines are one of the quickest ways to judge books and if they get it wrong you are not always likely to give a second chance. It is such a personal and intimate thing reading a book and it takes time. If I am going to share that sort of intimacy and spend so much time on something I need to believe that I am going to be entertained, enthralled, maybe even appalled at times, but most certainly I want that initial sentence to grab me and tell me that this will be worth my while.

The Guardian Newspaper in the UK has just posted a lovely little article on the 10 best lines in fiction. Even though I would have preferred 50, this will do 🙂


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