The Radleys- Matt Haig

I just finished this and wanted to blog about it in the heat of the moment. I really enjoyed it on so many levels. It is, on the surface a tale about a family of vampires who are abstaining. Well, the parents are, the kids don’t know. All they do know is that they are social outcasts as evidenced by graffiti around the quiet Yorkshire village they live in.
Mum and Dad are in trouble, not vampire trouble, boredom in the marriage trouble. This is not helped by the secrets that Helen is keeping from Peter. The family are all suffering. Things can only get worse. Clara finds out in the most devastating way about her true nature. Then things slowly unravel. Will, Peter’s brother turns up to help and really makes things worse. The hidden secrets are about to surface.
The whole thing keeps up a great pace, largely due to the narrative device of lots of short chapters and a great plot. There are lots of references to pop culture from the Enlightenment, through gothic 1980s, to current bands and novels. Lots of tongue in cheek references to famous vampires (Jimi Hendix, Lord Byron!) and the whole thing doesn’t take itself too seriously.
At heart it’s a live story/morality tale but one that has a light touch.
If you liked ‘Let The Right One In’ you’ll enjoy this one.

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