Cell – wish I hadn’t picked up the phone :(

Just finished this one by Stephen King. After his brilliant Under the Dome I really wanted to catch up on some of his books that I hadn’t got around to yet. Actually, it was pretty good and I was really enjoying it until the end!

Clay is in Boston having just signed a deal with a publisher to create some graphic novels. He stops to buy an ice cream on his way back to his hotel as he can’t ring his wife until four. In true Stephen King style – all hell breaks loose. People’s cell phones are rigged up to send them into a murderous rage and everyone who answers their phones begins a rampage. Clay does not have a phone, but his young son does and he immediately is terrified that he may have answered it. Clay finds a young girl and a gay man named Tom who have also not answered their phones and they desperately try to get out of town. Eventually they do, but the phone crazies begin to change their behaviour and are more organised. They sleep at night, forcing our heroes to use the night to travel. They meet up with an elderly teacher and his one remaining pupil who decide a bit of vigilantism is due. Now, however, the crazies are able to tap into their minds as they have been improving their telepathic powers. They are now much like a giant computer virus, their brains as the bits a bytes in a system designed to maintain the crazies’ status quo. Clay and his band suffer much in their journey and they eventually part ways so that Clay can go and try to find Johnny, his son. However, the Raggedy Man does not want to let them go and makes the others wait for Clay. He wants them all to go to a no phone area where he will make them pay for the damage that they have done to the rest of his system.

I won’t give the ending away, but it was immensely disappointing. It just left me hanging without any real answers. Frustrating.


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