The Ghost’s Child

I really love Sonya Hartnett’s writing so I was already anticipating something good with this one. I finally got around to reading it this week and it did not disappoint. It is a magical fable of an old woman who tells her story to a young boy who unexpectedly appears in her house. She tells the story of her love with a man whom she calls Feather and who is wild and untamed. Feather loves her but is unable to give himself to her fully as he is yearning for something else. Maddy’s story weaves itself through the narrative in a fairy tale like way and the reader is taken along on what could seem like a far-fetched journey if it was not told by Hartnett. Her prose is spare, but evocative and the reader begins to feel the pain that Maddy feels in her disappointment at not having the love she needs. She builds herself a life around that pain and in some ways it is the making of her. The ending is so bittersweet that I wanted it to continue for longer.
This is a highly recommended fable which adults and older children alike would love.


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