God of Carnage

This play was exceptional. The audience laughed the whole way through, sometimes to mask the discomfort of watching the players’ lives unravel in the way that they did, but mostly because the lines and the timing were just perfect. Two couples are meeing in the Paris apartment of the parents of one eleven year old boy, who we never meet. He has had two teeth knocked out by another eleven year old, the hapless parents of whom are trying to come to terms with the thuggery. At first this seems like a polite comedy of two sets of parents trying to deal with their offspring and each other but it develops into something much more interesting and hilarious.
Slowly we see the characters’ self absorption peel back the thin veneer of respectability and enlightened manners to reveal something much grittier and funnier. The couples’ relationships with each other and society is shown as much more complex and as something built on shifting sands. Alliances change as the women identify with each other and then their spouses as the battle lines are drawn and re-drawn. Pamela Rabe, Hugo Weaving,Natasha Herbert and Geoff Morrell are equally excellent in this vicious comedy as they turn on one another with savage wit. There are only a few days left in this one and I’d really like to see it again.
Favourite line – ‘everything you say destroys me’


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