This was undoubtably the best theatre production all year from MTC. It was funny, well paced, thought provoking and the actors did the whole thing justice.

Sydney is an aging rock star on the brink of reviving her career. However the timing is a bit off considering she’s also trying to adopt a baby from Africa.

The lady from Human Services in Botswana is visiting her house and this is where the fun begins. A rock journalist gets a whiff of the story and believes that he has a moral imperative to do something about it. The side story is that of Julia, Sydney’s publicist, who wants also to have a baby with her partner. The maid tells her that just because gay women can have babies, doesn’t mean they should. She believes that we are defined by what we can’t have. The journalist then reveals that he was an adopted baby from Africa and he cares very deeply about the issue. His new love interest, the Human services worker from Africa, argues the other side of the story, the baby will die if no-one takes it.

The moral dilemmas are very carefully handled with humour and pathos and the audience is shown all of the different perspectives equally. This play is a must see.


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