Man From Mukinupin

This musical was unexpected. The players came on stage in white stage make up and proceeded to sing and dance their way through the land near the Rabbit Proof Fence. Small town life was shown as a stage show. The singing was not brilliant and at times was even discordant. The references to Shakespeare were clumsy and il suited and the segments of the play did not seem to mesh together. There were attempts at humour which drew polite murmurs from the audience. The small town characters were typically quirky and stupid which of course hid a darker past. That of the touch of the tar brush. Polly, the main protagonist, is in love with the shop boy who goes off to war. The travelling salesman, who her parents want for her, is in love with her too. At one stage he sings a song to her about ‘having another acid drop’ this should probably tell you all you need to know.
Maybe it’s just an acquired taste, but I was certainly not the only one leaving at intermission.


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