August: Osage County

I was dreading this play somewhat as it was midweek, I was tired and I knew that it was a three hour behemoth of a thing and that I had to get up early the next day.
However, it was an amazing piece of theatre. Robyn Nevin and cast were exceptionally funny in their brutality to each other. For my money the play was stolen by Barbara (Jane Menelaus) who was trying to hold it all together until her own family fell apart as well. Her attempts to stop younger sister Ivy (Rebekah Stone) from telling her mother that she is in love with Little Charlie, who it turns out is very wrong for her indeed, are the highlight of an exceptional play. The parents who are ‘growing old disgracefully’ have had their moments until Beverley, the father of the brood, leaves and dies, having planned the whole suicide even down to getting an aide in to help his wife who is drug addled and ill. The family all get togetherm for the suicide and this is where it all unravels.
Highly recommended


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