Don Juan

Don Juan in Soho was an entertaining play with some hilarious one-liners and a talented cast. The plot was fairly standard and as we all know the story we shouldn’t be surprised. Unfortunately the casting of Dan Wiley was not as successful as it could have been. He was too comical to be believable as a lothario, how could anyone believe that he was God’s gift to women? He delivered his lines with an air of the spoilt boy and not as the street wise man that he should have been. That aside, it was a good play, much, much better than the next play I saw, Season at Sarsparilla. This was tedious to the point of sleepiness, a lady even left halfway through the second act, not to mention those that did not come back in after intermission. It just went on and on about suburban life. That’s all you need to know.
My recommendation, don’t bother.


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