too many books – sigh!

Guess who just had a birthday. And guess who got to cross books off her wishlist. Now the time to read them needs to be added to the list, but I’m not complaining. Thanks Welloflostplots, I’ll read the Ondjaate next, after I’ve trawled through the D H Lawrence Novellas (which I’m not loving) this is a favour read, not really a pleasure read, however, I always like to try something new.
I didn’t mind The Fox, however I don’t really like Lawrence’s dialogue, and after a while his character’s tendency towards repitition annoys me. The premise was good, two women, alone, independent and running a farm with little in the way of practical knowledge. The fox becomes a metaphor for the way that the women are preyed upon. They are little but ciphers and maybe that’s what Lawrence intended.
I admit, I gave up on The Captain’s Doll, even though it had some very sexualised images in the scenery, I didn’t have the patience to wait for the climax (ok a low blow).
I will persevere with The Ladybird.


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