Advertised as Brothers Grimm meets Quentin Tarantino this play did not disappoint. Katurion, played by Joel Edgerton is a short story writer who writes very dark fairytales indeed. He is taken in for questioning by the police of the totalitarian state that he lives in but he is not aware what he is there for. The audience are left wondering while Kym Gyngell interrogates Katurion whose brother is in the next cell. Katurion’s brother, Michael, is intellectually disabled but provides the biggest laughs of the whole play. We hear Michael scream and assume he is being tortured to further the enquiries of the police. When Katurion is allowed to see his brother he finds that he was asked to scream to scare Katurion.
The play is threaded through with the dark tales of Katurion that have unwittingly come true. We are told his fabulous tales as we hear about the murders of the children in the neighbourhood.


One thought on “Pillowman

  1. Oooooohhhhhh….sounds good. Dark fairy tales and Joel Edgerton? Does it get any better than this?I am so jealous of your MTC membership…

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