The Raw Shark Texts

Well, I finished ‘the Ringmaster’s Daugher’. I really enjoyed it. The ending was not at all predictable. It really dealt well with the writer’s world and a very unusual character who lived right on the edge of it and yet was eventually too valuable for his own good.

I was reading through the paper at the weekend looking for new books and I found this one. The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall. WOW! I read it in two nights and absolutely loved it. It’s a fantastic concept. Part Matrix, part Wizard of Oz, part Jasper Fforde and part Jaws. It was unpredictable and fascinating.
Eric wakes up and hasn’t any clue where he is. What’s worse, he doesn’t have any idea who he is. He finds a series of letters and they lead him to a psychiatrist who he assumes is helping him. She tells him not to open any letters addressed to the ‘first’ Eric. Which he manages to do for an amazingly long time lulled into a false sense of security by his boring domesticity and daytime TV. Eventually he gets curious and opens some mail which leads him into a fantastic adventure to find the real him. He travels across Northern England looking for one Dr Trey Fidorous and finds Scout (or she finds him). They set off in search of Dr Fidorous pursued by a vicious Ludovicius. (well you’ll have to read the book to find out what this is, I can’t give it all away) Needless to say this was a masterpiece of modern fiction. I loved the way that it played with the idea that texts were ideas bigger than reality. Hmm maybe they’re Platonic forms? anyway it’s the cult book of the year.
Must read. Look out for the quirky text layout too.


One thought on “The Raw Shark Texts

  1. Aha! I have found you at last!Thanks for the recommendation of “The Ringmaster’s Daughter” – it was a good read, and I found Petter to be a fascinating character. I am almost jealous of his ability to come up with story ideas… almost, not quite. I have to disagree about the ending though – I thought it was rather predictable. But then again, once someone points that out, perhaps you are looking for more predictability than you would before?

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