More from the Underground

Well, this is proving to be an interesting phenomena. After reading the book, I thought I’d do some research and have a look at what other people were saying. There’s a great website run by the author here. This takes you to a page of reviews, the author’s comments, a discussion board and a political justiifcation for the book (as if that wasn’t obvious).
and then….. Mr Bolt decided to review the book for me. I was obviously very glad to have his view on the whole thing, given that he agrees so vociferously with the political sentiments of the author. Oh, hang on, he really hated it; quelle surprise! He’s right of course, what do left-wing, chardonnay swilling, intelligentsia know about books? They always read the wrong ones. Take Orwell for instance, we shouldn’t read him, he criticised his own society in a shameful way. tut tut.
Maybe we should all live in a world where we agree with our governments and don’t nitpick over silly little things like human rights, and lies, and the moral abyss created by a government that allows other countries to lock up our citizens, without charges, because we may disagree with the political sentiments of the accused (or not accused, as the case may be). Oh dear, silly me, am I using too much hyperbole? Must be reading too much of the Herald Sun’s darling of the right again.


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