Choose a book….

It’s just so hard to choose books. The problem is that they’re often so full of promise and you want to dive in and read all of them. I’m halfway through Andrew McGahan’s new one Underground, a dystopian look at Australia in the 21st century. A Prime Minister not too dissimilar to our current one is in power and doing the usual political thing, lying to the electorate (in a spectacular way in this case) and generally looking after their own interests. If you think this is cynical, read it. There’s an anti-heroine in the form of an almost albino muslim, who’s a young Aussie intellectual disaffected with slack 21st century values and hypocrisy, so in the best of traditions, she joins a jihadist group, who not only want to overthrow Australia, but also ‘old’ Islam.
The action goes along at a fair pace and as she become embroiled with the main protagonist and narrator, the Prime Minister’s brother, or was that bother? they join the Oz Underground.
It’s a good read, if a little formulaic at times, with a few interesting, but already half sensed twists.
More when it’s finished.


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