Middle East and Australia

Has anyone been really concerned about the effect of the Hezbollah vs Israel whole thing’s effect on the media in Australia? Andrew Bolt was whipping up nationalistic fervour in the paper last week by stating that Lebanese Australians with dual citizenship should not be entitled to Australian protection but that Lebanon should help them instead as they are there and not here. Yeah, like the Lebanese government is in a position to help its citizens in this dreadful attack on their land.
Even worse than this has been Alan Jones’ tacit approval of the nutjobs that ring him up to pour yet more vitriolic abuse on ‘foreigners’ who wish our country to help them. n.b. ‘foreigner’ in this context only applies to people of middle eastern appearance.
Unfortunately not too many mainstream media outlets have been challenging these views. This would have been a perfect opportunity to promote some tolerance. Stay tuned for more in this worrying trend.


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