Ranter Bolt who’ll he pick on next?

Bolt’s rant on Picasso surpasses even his own record for Hyperbole. His vitriolic abuse of the dead artist was based on the fact that an exhibition of his work is currently in Melbourne. He starts off by calling him a ‘fascist bastard’ and then a warmonger who did not even sign a petition to save a Jewish friend when his friend Cocteau was organising it. The fact that he painted ‘Guernica’ did not suffice to give him credibility as an antiwar artist!
I just don’t get it, what does Bolt think that he is arguing about? what is it with his fear of anything left-leaning? Why is it that he feels it is his duty to vociferously rant about anything that comes close to being a critique of his arch-conservative world-view?
I am thankful for one thing. Without him, teaching people hyperbole would be impossible! He oozes drama when he gets going; it’s worth reading him just as a really obvious example of exaggeration and repetition.
It’s worth checking his facts too if you have the time and the inclination. Robert Manne is one who has taken the time to check his facts and he tries very hard to take Bolt to task. Bolt, however, won’t play. See the article at Crikey.com’s fabulous website. If you’re going to put your views out there in such an outrageous way you should be prepared to argue the point when challenged.


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