Gibson’s Matrix

Reading Gibson’s Neuromancer I’m struck with how similar this is to The Matrix films. Yes, I came to this late in life. I never read much Sci-Fi, to give it a genre, except for Vurt, by Jeff Noon. I’d tried to have a look at Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, but didn’t have the patience (sigh). I’m enjoying Neuromancer though, this could mean a lot of time spent trying to find a hiding place so that I can finish it. I can recommend Vurt if you like to read cyberpunk/sci-fi stuff. It’s about a post-apocalyptic Manchester and the lives and drugs etc. that go on there. I actually read it on a course in Northern English Literature at Uni. For someone who has grown up on traditional literature it’s a great change. Anyway if anyone has read anything similar and they want to recommend something I’d be happy to add to my reading list. I’ve included a link with an interview of Gibson’s new book. Here.


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